Friends of Longlife™

Over the 24 years we have offered the Longlife programs, customers have sent letters and photos to tell us how well the Longlife program worked for their pet. Here we share a few messages from our “Longlife friends”.

If you have a Longlife success story to share, please contact us.

Sayde – limping & alot of shedding

My dog, Sayde, wasn’t doing well about a year ago, limping & alot of shedding hair till almost just skin showing. I researched on internet & found info about longlife products. All natural & this was what I was looking for! I called David & we talked & I ordered the products (the skin supplement & caps) Longlife Programs. Well, been over a year & we’re still using the products!

I highly recommend these products! I save the empty bottles & give them to people, tell them to check this product out. Our vet has seen a big difference in Sayde.

Another great thing is that every time I’ve had a question or placed an order, David has been very quick to answer or send the order.

Very happy with product & service,


Lacie – Tumor (soft tissue sarcoma)

“Lacie, our partner, was diagnosed with nerve sheath soft tissue sarcoma in February 2015. She’s seven years old. The tumor was removed from her jaw/chin area but couldn’t get a wide margin. This type of tumor is slow growing. On the Internet I researched to find something to help her immune system and hopefully keep her without pain. I found LongLife Pet Supplements and started her on the Longlife Program #3 (serious ailments treatment program).

As of February 2016, the tumor hasn’t shown back, and she’s our “feisty” little gal again. Whether Longlife Pet Supplements has effectively worked on that tumor is unknown, but we will continue with this Longlife program.”


Cher – Cushing’s disease, cataracts

“Cher has been in our family since she was six weeks old and is now a young 13, thanks to Longlife.

At two years of age, she was diagnosed with cataracts and we opted not to have surgery done. She also developed Cushing’s disease about three years ago and has been on medication for that.

On November 1, 2015, a friend introduced us to Longlife, and we started her on it. We have noticed she is much more active, playful, and doing things like she used to when she was younger. At her last her last eye check-up one of her cataracts had dropped, and now she has some vision in one eye. Her last lab work on her Cushing’s disease was right on target with where the vet wants her to be. She’s doing great and is much more lively and energetic! She seems to be doing great on the supplement, and her health has improved in all areas.”


Bibby – Abdominal mass

“In November 2014, my then 13-1/2 year old cat, Bibby, was having an episode of vomiting. She vomited that morning over 20 times. Later that day I took her to the vets. She was x-rayed, had an exam and had blood work which showed nothing. My vet then palpated her abdomen and told me he felt a mass. She looked wiped out. I knew that shark cartilage inhibited blood vessel growth to tumors so I looked online for anyone that could help and came across Longlife Pet Supplements. I immediately put her on the cat cancer protocol, starting with one capsule twice a day.

One month ago Bibby had a visit to the vet clinic to have her teeth looked at and senior bloodwork. My vet told me after x-rays, blood work, and palpation that she did NOT detect any mass. So, at age 15 she had dental work done under anesthesia. It has been 1-1/2 years since the initial diagnosis. Bibby remains on a maintenance dose of 1/2 capsule of shark cartilage twice daily and is thriving.”


Deuce – Hip dysplasia

“About ten years ago we were given the chance to rescue two three-month-old pups. One was black, and one was brown, they looked like they had a lot of lab in them, and they were brother and sister. The black one was a male, and we named him Deuce. His sister was all brown, and we named her Roxy. They were wonderful puppies and were quick learners. We had them house trained in a reasonable amount of time and were enjoying watching them grow. We had a large yard for them to roam and play in together, but we wanted to get them leash trained and give them more exercise, so we started a routine of daily exercise. We quickly noticed that Deuce was slower, walked with a type of limp, and would stop and sit down after just a short distance.

We started to do some research including taking him to our local veterinarian and came to the conclusion that he had hip dysplasia, a common problem in large breeds. The remedies were very scary. The vet was talking about some success that was being had with surgery, but it was very expensive and hard on the animal. We didn’t want to pursue that option, so we started doing more research online.

We stumbled on a veterinarian online that had formulated a supplement that was showing success with this particular problem. We went ahead and called the distributor to ask questions and inquire about this option. They were very helpful and patient, so we decided to give it a try.

We were skeptical at first, but hopeful. Imagine our surprise when we started noticing improvements within just weeks of using the product. Within just a few months he was able to walk with his sister without sitting down or needing a break, and was even running through the fields with her and almost keeping up!

We can honestly say that Longlife has saved the life our dear pet Deuce, and given him a quality of life that he would never have had without risky surgery. He is now nearly ten years old and still going strong. He eagerly awaits his daily walks every day like a young pup. He keeps up with his sister and still enjoys romping through the fields when off the leash in pursuit of a rabbit or some other dangerous critter.

Thank you so much for this wonderful product that has given us so much joy with our pet Deuce! He really has been given a “long life” because of this great product! We would confidently recommend this product to anyone that has a pet suffering from a similar joint disorder.”


Solomon – Vasculitis, hot spots

“For the last year, we have been treating Solomon for itchy skin and hots spots which in turn resulted in Vasculitis. He would scratch and chew his tail and feet. We eventually had to have part of his tail amputated. He was on continual medication for his itching. We spent a great deal of money and time at the vet. I began to look for alternative natural treatments and came upon the Long Life website.

I called and spoke to the customer service rep, and he was very helpful and suggested what supplements we should try. Solomon has been on the product for three months now and is off all the special food and medications. His coat looks shiny and healthy, and his tail fur is growing back.

Solomon’s joints seem to be less sore. We believe the Longlife product had been beneficial to Solomon’s overall health. The customer service at Longlife was professional and always helpful.”


Rocky – Pemphigus, autoimmune

“We adopted Rocky last December. We believe he was a puppy mill dog. He was brought to the vet during an ice storm to be euthanized. The vet tech thought he was worth saving and we’re so happy that she did! He’s a min pin Chihuahua mix about 5 years old. He weighed 4 pounds and looked like he’d been in a fight. He’s now a whopping 12 pounds and all muscle.

When we adopted him we were told he had a tick disease and a skin disorder. He was on antibiotics for 30 days. We took him to our vet for a follow up and a punch biopsy was performed. He was diagnosed with pemphigus, an autoimmune disease. We were told he’d be on Prednisone and antibiotics for most of his life. That wasn’t acceptable. I read everything I could about the disease and discovered most dogs that have this are euthanized. He was very weak and lethargic. Slept all the time and didn’t want to be bothered. I found Longlife supplements through a search on the Internet and thought I’d give them a try. We noticed a difference in his coat and energy level in about a month. We also noticed he didn’t have any skin flare ups. He’s continued to get better and better. After 9 months he’s acting like a puppy. Some of his hair has grown back. My vet is amazed at how well he’s doing

David has been very helpful and called when I placed an order for my healthy little Chihuahua. They are both on the maintenance program. She now has the shiny and softest coat! Thank you for an awesome product.”

Latte and Cafe

Latte & Café – Autoimmune issues

“My beautiful girls both have benefited from this pet supplement. Latte and Café both have been on the Longlife Program and I am so thankful to my vet for recommending me to go outside of the box.

It all started when we took Latte, our multi-poo in for her yearly vaccination. It was almost instantaneous that she suffered a severe reaction, causing us to rush her to the vet. After many visits to our vet and a neurologist, Latte was diagnosed with a severe reaction to the vaccinations causing the onset of autoimmune disease. She was prescribed heavy doses of steroids along with a long list of other drugs. Unfortunately, the steroids were not having the desired effect on Latte. We were at our wits end.

In talking with our vet she was the one who suggested we try alternative solutions. After spending many hours on the Internet I came upon In reading the information on the website I decided to give it a try. The results were amazing and it did not take long for us to start seeing results. We were told that we would need to keep her on steroids for the rest of her life, but I am happy to say she has not needed to be on steroids since we have had her on Longlife Pet Supplements. Thankfully, we keep her on a maintenance program of Longlife and she is a happy dog!

With the success we had with Latte, we consulted with our vet and asked if we could start using it with it Café who suffered from many ailments. She has been successfully taking the Longlife supplements and is a very happy girl.

Thank you Longlife Pet Supplements, and you too, David!”


Ruby – Swollen leg, autoimmune

“In spring 2013 we noticed that Ruby’s right front paw was considerably swollen in her leg, but she didn’t appear to be in pain. Our vet checked for breaks or fractures and found none. Then they tested for mange, tick titers and performed a biopsy. Luckily all tests came back negative, but her paw was continuing to swell (doubled in size) and now causing her pain and we still had no answers. Anti-inflammatory drugs didn’t help and a course of steroids (horrible side effects) only reduced the swelling for a few days. Our vet recommended having tests run on her circulatory system (requiring more anesthesia), more steroids, and even amputation was a consideration.

I turned to Great Dane forums looking for advice on her condition and a means to boost her immune system, which lead me to the Longlife Program. After all we’d been through, I was very skeptical, but hoped for a miracle. They took the time to ask questions about Ruby’s symptoms and recommend a treatment plan specific to her. After a month on the Intensive Longlife program, the swelling was gone and has not returned. I can’t explain why the supplements work, but our healthy girl is proof that they do.”


Prudence – Autoimmune issues

“Prudence suffers from a debilitating auto-immune disorder that has caused her joints to deteriorate at a rapid pace. It is not cured, and the vet and specialists were not able to identify the exact problem. Through medication and the LongLife supplements, the degeneration has slowed considerably.

She has suffered from the ailment for about two years now. We have tried several medications to make her comfortable – some with success, some without. Prudence takes about five different medications a day, including the Longlife supplement. Once we started using Longlife, we noticed she was able to walk more comfortably within about four weeks. After about three months, we ran out of Longlife and didn’t reorder for about a week. Towards the end of that week, she wasn’t hardly able to walk anymore. We reordered and received the Longlife promptly, and she began walking again in a couple of days. We always keep an extra bottle around now. We are positive she wouldn’t be able to walk anymore if we hadn’t put her on the intensive Longlife Program.

We have been using Longlife products for about a year now. Delivery is always quick. We really do believe in this product.

Thanks! Longlife Pet Supplements, we really do appreciate your product. It has made Prudence’s life that much better.”

Honey Girl

Honey Girl – Lupus, hip dysplasia

“My beauties name is Honey Girl. She is an 8-year-old German Shepherd, she is incredibly sweet and has become part of my heart. 15 months ago Honey Girl was diagnosed with Canine Lupus. She also suffers from hip dysplasia and arthritis, and has for four years. While she was being treated by my Lupus Vet Specialist for an infection, I did research online on Canine Lupus and found the Longlife website. I read up on the supplement and read the testimonials of other dogs. I even gave the site information to my Vet Specialist to look into. I ordered the product, following the directions.

After around 3-4 weeks, my girl who I hadn’t seen run in months was running outside and playing, acting like a puppy. I know its hard to believe, but its all true.

I’m very lucky my Honey Girl is in remission from Lupus. She has never looked better; her coat is beautiful and she seems to feel great walking up and down stairs with ease.

I have to believe that this product has something to do with how good she feels. And for that I am thankful to the Longlife products and intensive programs.

As a client, one of the other things that is important to me is customer service. I have always found the service reps to reply quickly and professionally. I just love this company.”


Maddie – Malignant melanoma

“I am writing to you to thank you so much for your wonderful products, Longlife Pet Supplements, containing pure shark cartilage, and for the Longlife Immune Booster Supplement.

Maddie, my 13-year-old black Labrador retriever and retired field trial dog, was diagnosed on October 8th with a malignant melanoma on her gum. I had discovered it while brushing her teeth. I took her to The Veterinary Cancer Center in Norwalk, Connecticut, where her biopsy revealed a mass cell was present. The recommendation was for immunology shots, one every six months, and radiation, in appropriate amounts in her gum area, to shrink the tumor and hopefully stop the progression.

All went well as diagnosed with this kind of case and the first three months were successful.

When her gums healed up, I resumed brushing her teeth, and discovered that the spot on her gum, that had been treated, was in fact growing again. I took Maddie back to the hospital where they confirmed my worst suspicions. Maddie was the 1 percent in studies where the treatment prescribed did not work as researched.

I began looking for alternative treatments, and read on a Only Natural pet products website about cancer treatments and supplements. The article was written by a vet oncologist and recommended pure shark cartilage, omega 3’s, carrots, broccoli, easy raw freeze dried food, and pure turmeric.

I decided to give it a try as Maddie’s quality of life was good, except for minor arthritis and the tumor in her gum, Maddie is a happy and active lab.

I was thrilled to notice two weeks later after starting her on the recommended Longlife Program 3 (intensive), that Maddie was moving with much more ease and comfort. I even had to sprint after her in the park on our walks together. The Longlife product works so much better than Dasaquin or glucosamine/chondroitin.

When I brought Maddie back for her monthly check up the veterinary oncologist told me that Maddie’s tumor had shrunk and could no longer be considered a mast cell.

Wow!!! We are both happy girls!!! I am so happy to report that Maddie is doing great!

I am so grateful to have discovered another option to treat Maddie with!! And the best part, no side effects, and Longlife for Maddie.

I can’t thank you enough!!!

From a very grateful customer!!! And Maddie too!”


Luke – Autoimmune issues

“On behalf of myself and my little Chihuahua Luke, I am writing to you to let you know what a change your product has made in our lives. I adopted Luke over ten years ago when he was approximately two years old. He is now 15-16 years old. He is a rescue and was found in deplorable conditions before being rescued and put up for adoption. He was found in the back of a pickup truck, in a chicken coop with chickens who had pecked him repeatedly. His skin was so damaged, he was emaciated and so scared. To see him now, you would never imagine that he was the same dog. He is and has been such a happy little dog since coming to live with us and getting his skin condition under control. He suffered from severe hot spots and severe auto-immune deficiencies. He had these conditions when we adopted him and continued to suffer from these conditions, despite all of our efforts for about the next three years.

Once we found Longlife and put him on the program, his condition improved within 5-6 weeks. He has now been on the Longlife Program for over ten years, and we couldn’t be happier. It is so easy to give him Longlife too. He loves it. He actually eats it right out of my hand mixed with the Immune Booster Supplement. He has only had about two break-outs in the last ten years. He rarely if ever scratches himself now and his coat is so pretty as you can see from the picture I’ve attached. Everyone who meets him adores him. He is a sweet, loving little thing, and we are so grateful to Longlife for making him feel good, look good and, of course, giving him a happy and healthy life.

In addition, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention your customer service. David is always courteous, helpful and willing to take the time to answer all of our questions. In fact, we have come to rely on him whenever we have had a question about the products, their use and any adjustments in dosage we might need. He has always gone above and beyond what you would expect of a customer service representative. We are very grateful to him for all of his help all of these years.

Luke is getting up there in age, but we are confident that he has lived this long due to the Longlife Pet Supplements. We hope to have him for many more years to come and are confident that his continued use of Longlife will ensure that.

Thank you again for your wonderful products and your kind, compassionate customer service.”


Mojo – Hot spots

“I originally was made aware of your products by my daughter, who has followed my nutritional beliefs with respect to prevention and nutritional supplements. Since my wife and I take many nutritional supplements daily, giving this regime to Mojo was a no-brainer. Since my wife cooks all of Mojo’s food, (82-lb Golden Retrievers eat a lot), it is easy to include the Longlife supplements with breakfast.

The only ailment Mojo has had is “hot spots”, but experienced a significant decrease once we integrated the Longlife program. Mojo has been on the Longlife Program, under the guidance of David’s 10+ customer service, for at least 5 or 6 years; Mojo will be 13 yrs. young Jan.,2015, and is healthy and happy!”


Auggie – Canine discoid lupus

“Auggie, our female German shepherd mix, was diagnosed with localized canine discoid lupus on the left portion of her nose in the fall of 2009 when she was eight years old. We followed our vet’s prescription of a combination of vitamin E, a topical corticosteroid and niacinamide for about a month with no noticeable improvement in her condition but some rash-like side effects from the treatment.

Knowing there was no cure for the condition, we realized we needed to find a way to manage the lupus over the course of her life and the vet’s options were not the way to go. After some research on lupus to understand what we were dealing with and searching for a treatment our girl could live with, we found Longlife Pet Supplements as a more homeopathic option. We placed our first order in Feb. 2010.

We followed Longlife’s suggested program for mild to medium ailments and saw marked improvement in her nose within the first three months. We nicknamed her The Miracle Nose as she basically “re-grew” the skin surface on her nostril and the severe crack that had developed in the flesh meshed and healed back together.

Auggie turned 12 in 2014 and Longlife with the Immune Booster Supplement has been part of her diet for five years. Although she does have mild flare-ups on her nose from time to time, Longlife has helped her to live symptom-free with no side effects whatsoever. The online ordering/shipping process is simple and customer service response from David is always immediate and accurate.

We love the fact that all ingredients are natural and that the product also seems to have effectively treated the mild arthritis that has cropped up in conjunction with the lupus. Our vet can’t believe how great her nose is doing and how active and vibrant she is for her age. She can easily keep up with her four-year-old brother on our daily romps and walks. We know Longlife has played a big part in her continued great health and life quality. We definitely recommend Longlife’s products and programs to anyone looking for a natural alternative treatment for their dog’s lupus and joint problems.”


Bugsy – Limping

“Bugsy has been on your Longlife Program now for a few years and we are very pleased with the results.

He has a problem with his back leg and limps from time to time. Surgery was suggested after an MRI, but in researching I came across your product and thought we should give it a try.

In a short period of time, Bugsy improved tremendously. He is on a daily dose which helps keep the problem under control. When he periodically starts limping again, we increase the dose for a few days and then decrease it back to his maintenance program.

Thanks for all your help!”


Princess – Hip dysplasia

“Our family dog, a 10-year-old Golden Retriever, named Princess has had hip dysplasia in both hips since she was four years old. Princess was not able to get around without crying. She didn’t want to go out to play, and she would cry and had lots of trouble sitting down and getting around. Princess was put on some medicine for pain, and that gave her diarrhea and vomiting. So I started looking up hip dysplasia on the Internet and came across the Longlife Pet supplements website, and so I gave it a try.

We immediately saw a rapid change in Princess’s health within a week. She is now able to get around and play like her old self. Once again, she was the old playful Princess we all loved.

I would recommend this supplement to other dog owners. It has made a huge impact in Princess’ health. My representative David has been very helpful from day one. He is also very prompt in returning my phone calls and giving me answers to any questions I might have.”


Tommy – Autoimmune issues

“Late 2010, Tommy was given his regular vaccinations at the vet. Then a few months later in early 2011, Tommy got real sick and didn’t feel like doing anything but lie in bed. His white blood cell count plummeted and if they didn’t recover, he may have had to be put to sleep. But they gradually recovered and he got well. It was then that I decided that Tommy could not tolerate any more vaccinations.

But his immune problems were not over. Spring came around this year and he seemed to be fine until these small polyps started forming around his eyelids. I decided to have a vet look at them at my parents’ house. He said that was part of his immune system reacting to allergens. He gave us some antibiotic pills and we put Tommy on them and went home from my parents.

The medicine was VERY slow working and just made a dent in the size of the polyps, they didn’t go away in 10 days like the vet said, so I took him to my vet here in Carrollton, Texas and he put him on more antibiotics and antibiotic eye drops. That helped a lot and the polyps started healing. However, at the same time he got an anal gland infection. So he had the polyp infections and the anal gland infection at the same time and my vet said that the anal gland infection should have responded to the antibiotic my parent’s vet gave Tommy.

Something was still definitely wrong with Tommy’s immune system, because the anal gland infection didn’t respond to antibiotics like it should have. It took constant antibiotic cream to heal the broken skin caused from the swelling of the anal gland. AND, as soon as we got off of the antibiotics for the polyps, they started returning.

I decided I cannot put him on antibiotics for the rest of his life and stopped the antibiotics and decided that pumping him up with steroids to treat the autoimmune illness was not the way to go for Tommy either. I refused to do either antibiotics or steroids. So I started looking on the internet to find SOMETHING that could treat this in a non-toxic, natural way and I found Longlife Pet Supplements.

Tommy was put on the intensive plan for about 6 weeks, and showed great improvement in the first 4 weeks. We have kept him on a maintenance plan since mid-2011 and he got to where he could get around much better. The longer he has been on it he has become just as rambunctious as he was before he got sick.

Longlife Pet Supplements has really restored his health without synthetic drugs, naturally, and probably saved his life.”


Belle – Oral squamous cell tumor

“Belle is our 13-year-old Himalayan cat who was diagnosed with an aggressive squamous cell tumor in her mouth just under her tongue on August 1st 2012. The vet advised against surgery and gave a poor prognosis of a few weeks to maybe a couple months. The expectation was that it would progress to a point that would impede her eating and breathing. As of this writing, that was 8 full months ago. After the grim prognosis, we researched online, looked at many sources and decided to try Longlife for Cats. Their interest in the details of our situation as well as their caring approach to Belle’s treatment and followup proved to be the right choice. Belle is doing well with a voracious appetite, spunky demeanor and zest for life. We are forever grateful for Longlife’s help in customizing a treatment plan that has kept our beloved pet with us.”


Missy – Painful walking

“If it were not for your Longlife Program, our dog Missy may not be with us today. When we started your program she was on Rimadyl and could only walk on three legs, because of her pain.

It has now been almost a year since she has been on your product and she is like a new dog. She runs and plays like her old self again and is 10 years old.”


Molly – Hip dysplasia, arthritis

“We have been using Longlife for over 18 months now. Our dog Molly has greatly benefited from this product. At age four to five she was greatly suffering from a combination of hip dysplasia and arthritis so badly that she had trouble going up steps…and was in obvious pain much of the time.

After x-rays, our vet quoted a price of over $2,000 for surgery with less than a 50-percent chance of success.

We searched the Internet and decided to try your product. In two to three weeks it was like we had a different dog; she was more active and could handle the steps better… Things continued to improve for the next year and Molly became a very normal, active dog with no signs of joint problems or pain. We have continued a small maintenance dose of Longlife and Molly is thriving at age seven.”


Rocket – Discoid lupus

“Longlife has done wonders for Rocket’s discoid lupus. After using your program for four months, we have been able to drastically reduce his use of steroids, and he continues to show vast improvement and healing on his nose.

For the first time since he was a puppy (Rocket is now nine), his nose is actually moist again and he has had no more bleeding episodes from cracking skin. Rocket is a much happier guy now with the lower dosage of steroids and his eye vet (he also has pannus) even commented on how much better his eyelids looked. I am so glad we decided to try your wonderful program and cannot thank you enough.”


Teah – canine lupus

“Teah, my 8-year-old border collie/healer, was diagnosed with lupus by her veterinarian in May of 2011. She had been been suffering for a while with this disease, so my vet put her on prednisone. I knew this was not the long-term solution, because of the dangerous side effects when using this drug.

I researched more about lupus on the Internet, and that’s when I found the Longlife Pet Supplement web site. It was easy to order online, I followed the weight chart on the order form, and I received my order with exact dosage and for how long to follow the Longlife Program.

Teah has been on the Longlife Program for 15 months, and is now on her prescribed maintenance program. She is no longer taking the prednisone. She is a completely different dog and I am very happy and very satisfied with the results. I would recommend this wonderful product to all of my friends and family.”


Sanjiv – Recovery from surgery

“Our Chihuahua Sanjiv was born November 2, 2002. His recovery from the surgery amazed the surgeon. If I remember correctly, the surgeon said he had to restructure the ends of the tibia and femur, shaving some of the bone to fit the surgical correction. Sanjiv’s recovery from the surgery amazed the surgeon… Apparently Sanjiv really damaged the leg in the fall. But that is all in the past. He is fine now, playful, looks forward to his walks, and eats very well. No limping at all.

You know, sometimes people resist doing something that might really help them or their animals for reasons they can’t explain. I have a wonderful friend who has two dogs with hip challenges. I’ve shared with her how wonderful Longlife™ is for my babies, and how Sanjiv started to show improvement almost immediately.”


Grizzy – Torn ACL

“Our baby Grizzy was taking your supplements for at least 3 years. She was a Chow/Aussie mix. She tore her ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) and surgery was suggested by our local vet. He referred us to a specialist in the field who said that the surgery may or may not be a great idea in view of her age. She was 10 years old at the time.

I had already been researching and found your site. We decided to try the LongLife treatment, and although I wouldn’t exactly call it a miracle, it did enable her to run, jump and play again. So much so, that at one time we did not reorder, thinking that she didn’t need it anymore. It was a huge difference. After about a week back on the treatment she was herself again. No more holding that leg up and limping.

Thank you so much for making the last years of her life better.

[Editor’s note: Debbie told us that Grizzy died at age 13 from pancreatitis. Losing a dearly loved dog or cat is very difficult. We appreciate Debbie sharing Grizzy’s story with us so that other pet owners can help their older pets improve the quality of life in their remaining years.].”


Anka – Osteoarthritis

“Anka is a 10-year-old Rottweiler who has osteoarthritis in both elbows as well as in the her right hind ankle joint. Prior to starting the Longlife supplement, she would often limp and hold up her leg in pain after being sedentary or running in the yard. The supplement has greatly improved Anka’s quality of life, increased her mobility and stamina, as well as decreased the amount of limping and holding up of her leg. There is a vast improvement in both her mobility and energy levels. She continues to act like a puppy, herding her 2 cats and trying to catch the mocking birds that dive bomb her!.”


Daisy – No appetite or energy

“We were scared to death that we would lose her… She wasn’t eating well, had no energy, couldn’t jump up on the couch… Today, Daisy is the bright, happy, energetic dog she always was before she got sick.”