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  • Longlife Program #3 (for Dogs 26 to 45 Pounds)

Based on all the information you or your vet provide us in the order form below, we will recommend a specific dosage plan. We consider age, weight, breed, and life expectancy for the breed when making this recommendation.

This program is a minimum 30-day intensive program and a minimum 6-week maintenance program, depending on your dog's precise weight and age.

  • 2 - bottles Longlife for Dogs (200, 740-mg capsules)
  • 2 - 8.5-oz bottles Immune Booster Supplement

A savings of $16.00 off the individual product prices

In order for us to maximize this program for your pet, ALL of the following information is required with your order.

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Longlife Program #3 (for Dogs 26 to 45 Pounds)

  • Product Code: Longlife Program #3 (for Dogs 26 to 45 Pounds)
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  • $113.96

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