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  • Longlife Program #2 (for Dogs 61 to 100 Pounds)

This program is for the treatment of ailments in the early stages, such as the onset of arthritis, minor sore swollen joints, minor immune deficiencies, mild allergies, and minor skin irritations.

Based on all the information you or your vet provide us in the order form below, we will recommend a specific dosage plan. We consider age, weight, breed, and life expectancy for the breed when making this recommendation.

This program includes a minimum 3-month supply, depending on your dog's precise weight and age.

  • 4 - bottles Longlife for Dogs (400, 740-mg capsules)

In order for us to maximize this program for your pet, ALL of the following information is required with your order.

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Longlife Program #2 (for Dogs 61 to 100 Pounds)

  • Product Code: Longlife Program #2 (for Dogs 61 to 100 Pounds)
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