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Interview with Dr. Tobin, DVM

Dr. Stephen Tobin is a holistic veterinarian who providestreatment using homeopathic herbs and nutrition. He speaks with us about hisphilosophy of animal care, pet nutrition, and his experience with the LonglifeProgram in the treatment of his patients.

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NSAIDs and Pets

The most common group of drugs recommended by veterinarians for the treatmentof arthritis and hip dysplasia, NSAIDs (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatorydrugs) have been used to treat joint disorders in pets since 1989, and they havegained in popularity as the risks of prolonged steroid use have become apparentin recent years. These non-addictive drugs have analgesic (pain relieving) yetnon-narcotic (non-numbing), antipyretic (fever reducing), and anti-inflammatoryeffects.

NSAIDs for use in the treatment of animal joint disorders have been controversialall along. In 2006, the Food and Drug Administration reported that over 22,000dogs had gotten sick, while almost 3,000 had died, following use of NSAIDs.

The safest treatment option for animals with chronic joint disorders remainsa natural joint supplement. In the last few years, the emphasis in veterinarymedicine has evolved from the use of anti-inflammatory medications to treatmentswhich stimulate cartilage production. Products such as glucosamine, chondroitinsulfate, MSM, and Vitamin C help the body produce cartilage, which provides acushion in the joint to prevent the painful condition of bone rubbing on bone.Studies have shown that these products provide significant relief in about 50percent of patients. Our ongoing clinical research studies show that the LonglifeProgram provides significant improvement in over 90 percent of patients for awide variety of joint problems, including hip dysplasia, arthritis, torn cruciateligaments, and herniated vertebral discs.

Because Longlife Pet Supplements areall-natural, they do not cause side effects, and can be used in conjunction withother medications your pet is currently taking. Longlife Pet Supplements containno binders, fillers, chemicals, or deodorizers, and have been specifically tailoredto pass through your pet's gastrointestinal tract unnoticed while providing themwith the benefits of effective, all-natural properties. For pet owners seekingan effective, affordable, safe, and natural treatment for pets with joint disorders,the Longlife Program is the natural choice.