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Holistic Veterinarian Dr. Stephen Tobin

Dr. Tobin first prescribed Longlife Pet Supplements for Dogs 14 years ago and has been working with our company ever since. He is a member of The National Center for Homeopathy and several other holistic and homeopathic associations.

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The Longlife Difference

The Longlife Difference!

Remember, "Quality of Life" equals Longlife™.

Many of us who are guardians of pets understand that the life cycle of our beloved furry friends is very short. We at Longlife find it rewarding to hear positive words from our loyal customers (some of 15 years or more) who have subscribed to the belief that it is never too early to start a Longlife program. We have sent many condolence cards to customers after they have lost their pets and this constantly remind us what an important role we played in healing, improving the quality of life, and adding many years to their pets' lives.

We at Longlife Pet Supplements look at our own pets and wonder where the years have gone. In the blink of an eye, the young puppy, kitten, or the dog or cat you may have adopted from a shelter, or was received as a gift, is now showing signs of old age. At Longlife Pet Supplements, we strive for longer, healthier, and happier lives for our pets and continue to research additional ways to further benefit our pets' lives. We have been in the business of extending the lives of pets for over 24 years and will continue to do so for a long, long time.

All orders come with a Longlife™ Program designed with very specific dosages to be given to your pet at certain times on certain days.

We consider all the factors affecting your pet's health, such as age, weight, breed, life expectancy for the breed, ailment, severity of the ailment, and health of the animal.

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Our pets give us unconditional love and devotion.

We love animals and consider pets to be part of our family, and we only sell our products to you if we believe that your pet needs them.

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We are committed to premium quality.

Our products are effective and all-natural, and they have no binders, fillers, deodorizers, or additives.

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Treating the Ailment vs Disguising theProblem

Remember, "Quality of Life" equals Longlife™.

Like people, dogs lose ease of motion as they age, some developing more severe joint problems, such as hip dysplasia or the sore swollen joints of arthritis.

The "Three Rs" of the Longlife™ Programs

In addition to the love we give our dogs and cats, at Longlife Pet Supplements we believe that our pets deserve the best opportunity for optimum health and quality of life. That's why we've developed our products based on these "Three Rs":

Repair: Longlife supplements repair damage or diseased cartilage by stimulating the immune system and encouraging growth of healthy new cells.

Rehabilitation: This maintenance phase of the program focuses on restoring optimal functions in all areas of activity, as well as guidance on exercise programs (when allowed).

Reinforcement: To sustain benefits to your dog or cat, we will prescribe a Longlife program that helps you permanently maintain your pet's quality of life.