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All-natural Longlife™ Dog & Cat Treatment Programs

Only Longlife™ considers your dog's or cat's unique health profile!

Dr. Stephen Tobin, DVM
Veterinarian Recommended

The Longlife™ Programs are recommended by holistic veterinarian, Dr. Stephen Tobin and include an initial treatment plan in conjunction with a maintenance plan. Read more»

Longlife™ Pet Supplements are formulated specifically for your pet's digestive system

Typical shark cartilage supplements sold for pets are actually manufactured for human digestive tracts. Only Longlife Pet Supplements is specifically developed for optimum absorption by a dog or cat's digestive system. This enhanced absorption provides more immediate benefits to your pet - and over time, saves you money. Find out more»

about our natural ingredients

Longlife Program for Dogs includes two highly effective natural ingredients:

1. Pure shark cartilage, formulated specifically for pets (left).

2. Oil from organic, non-GMO brown flax seeds (right).

See Maddie's Story »malignant melanoma See Belle's Story »oral squamous cell tumor

We've noticed a significant increase in the number of dogs and cats being diagnosed with cancer in recent years and have created two research articles we hope will answer most questions about cancer in pets.

About cancer in dogs » About cancer in cats »

Treating the Ailment vs Disguising the Problem

The "Three R's" of Longlife helped Sanjiv recover from hip surgery after an accident.
Read Sanjiv's story

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Like people, dogs lose ease of motion as they age, some developing more severe joint problems, such as hip dysplasia or the sore swollen joints of arthritis.

The "Three Rs" of the Longlife™ Programs

In addition to the love we give our dogs and cats, at Longlife Pet Supplements we believe that our pets deserve the best opportunity for optimum health and quality of life. That's why we've developed our products based on these "Three Rs":

Longlife supplements repair damage or diseased cartilage by stimulating the immune system and encouraging growth of healthy new cells.
This maintenance phase of the program focuses on restoring optimal functions in all areas of activity, as well as guidance on exercise programs (when allowed).
To sustain benefits to your dog or cat, we will prescribe a Longlife program that helps you permanently maintain your pet's quality of life.
Give your pet the Longlife they deserve... Order a Longlife Program today!
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Longlife Success Story

Longlife has restored Tommy's health without synthetic drugs, naturally, and probably saved his life.
Kevin H., October 2012

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Longlife Success Story
8-Year Old "Teah"

Teah has been on the Longlife Program for 15 months now… She is no longer taking prednisone. She is a completely different dog and I am very happy and satisfied with the results.
M. Van Dam, August 2012

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Longlife Success Story

In a short time, Bugsy improved tremendously. He is on a daily dose which keeps the problem under control.
Tina E., September 2012

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